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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

StartupMalaga - by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

As a first time startup founder I've been wanting a place to find out about startups in Malaga, who are the startups, who are the founders and entrepreneurs and what are their stories.

Maciej (Co-founder of  @MalagaMakers): "I wish something like StartupMalaga would have existed when I arrived in Malaga".

Leo Lara, Co-founder of  @MalagaMakers and Uniplaces:

"Something is happening in Málaga, it is becoming the perfect place to start up a tech business, with its awesome pool of technical talent, international diverse entrepreneurs pouring in, one of the best air and train connections in the south Europe. Malaga has, as well, an environment where entrepreneurs can enjoy full of culture and entertainment. "

"Part of this is MalagaMakers, a community of entrepreneurs and creators, has brought together people from tens of countries. Now, the new platform StartupMalaga is highlighting how the Malaga ecosystem has matured and is ready to jump to the world scene."
Where can I find out what startups there are in Malaga? What are good sources for information related to Startup and Entrepreneurship in Malaga? There are plenty, I've found some so far, I am sure there are more. What are the support programs, courses, training? Are there Accelerators and Incubators in Malaga? Other useful initiatives that makes Malaga an attractive place to build a startup? Well, I'm reaching out to you fellow entrepreneur, let's share what we know! I've made a start by putting the information I have onto a ZEEF Page for StartupMalaga where you can find for instance a list of almost 100 startups in Malaga, info on Incubators and more. If you know better, or more, or see errors please share your knowledge and submit the changes you want and I will curate and publish on the page.

The @MalagaMakers initiative and community is a great way to meet fellow entrepreneurs, founders and more. You get to learn from other experience, share and meet very interesting people, an awesome way to invigorate the startup community in Malaga.

Wouldn’t it also be great to have an online space to share experiences? Kinda like @MalagaMakers talks but online. Well, let's do a shared blog, where the Malaga startup community can share by writing guest posts. This is the first, so I'm using it to let know what this is all about.

And we already have our first guest bloggers lined up:

Can't wait to read them!

StartupMalaga is an un-affiliated, non-profit, open to all the community, a place to share and find information about startups, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship and all things related that we can all benefit from.

I'm sure you have some great experiences and lessons to share! Write a guest post on this blog!

Drop me a line at linkedin or email to startupmalaga @!